September 06, 2011

Old Fashioned Lard Breast Milk Soap

I have to admit that I feel very sluggish recently (and still going on). XD

This batch of breast milk soap contains lots of lard because it's for cold winter day use. I found that I pretty like the firmness and hardness of lard soap, and moreover, lard soap holds scent longer! The only thing I don't like is, lard soap can't lather well in hard water.

There's no any colorant added to this soap but it turned out dark brown like caramel as above pic shown. I was wondering how and why it happened because the soap was off-white at first like pure lard, then it turned golden yellowish brown after few days, then it's getting darker and darker, ended up like a caremel fudge.

After checking again the ingredients, found out the reason, the "vanilla" based fragrant oil...

Ingredients: lard, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, hemp seed oil, breast milk, fragrant oil of baby powder +  vanilla bean.


  1. Beautiful looking soap as always, Anita! Feeling sluggish doesn't seem to have any negative influence on your creativity and talent, like it does on mine. Vanilla scent will always tone down a soap in color to all shades of tan and deeper. Also, milk based soaps will tan naturally, due to the sugar content in milk

  2. I Love Lard! If you are less than impressed with its lathering power, try tallow instead. Tallow (in my opinion anyway) makes better soaps in terms of lathering and moisturizing.

  3. What a beautiful soap! I like the stamps.

  4. @ Julia, thanks for your kind words. I know milk based soap tan naturally, and now (oh boy), I know all vanilla scents do the same thing too. ;-P Luckly I didn't do any pattern to this soap, otherwise, it wouldn't show at all. ha ha ha

    @ Maggie, I know you love lard. I made my first batch of lard soap because of you. ha ha ha Thanks for the comment. I think I need to try tallow someday, to see and feel the difference. =)

    @ Petra, thanks. I like the stamps too. Do you think the tan color makes the stamp more abviously? =)