September 18, 2011

OMG! Which one should I start with?

Although still slow-moving recently, I was super high last week when below two parcels arrived my front door.

Oh boy, the first one's a huge one! It's from Claudia of Alegria Mediterraneo Soap. We had a soap swap and she sent me total 6 BIG bars of soap, all smelling good, plus an elegant hanger!'t stop wowing when I opened the soap wraps! ;-P)

Aren't they so beautiful and stunning? I love their colors, the patterns, the labels, really romantic. Oh Claudia, thank you so much! I love them all. xoxo

One day later, another parcel arrived. It's from Julia of Cocobong! I couldn't stop jumping up and down... ;-P It smelled soooo good from the package already. I opened it and there's one shampoo bar, one unscented goat's milk soap, one little cute card bag of gummy bears! ha ha cute it is. Thank you Julia! xoxo

(Ayu, the gummies were in my tummy right away. ;-P)

Julia, I have to tell you that I am sooo in love with the aroma of your shampoo bar! I can't stop sniffing... (thinking to bring it to my office and put it on my desk so I can sniff it whole day long....)

Thanks so much for the lovely soaps and gifts, my dear friends. Kisses + hugs =)

Okay, the question now is...which one should I start with? (scratching my head)


  1. wow! Anitaa! It's like Christmas!!
    Claudia & Julia's soaps look beautiful!!

    hehe, Anita. My gummies were gone in
    a second too. They straight went into my tummy.


    Enjoy all the beautiful little treasures =)

  2. Hi dear Anita,
    You made my day ,I´m so happy to see my soap in the wonderful world of ´´Anita´s La La Land´´,because is my favorite soap world to me !!!
    Hope you like&enjoy them!
    You can start with two soaps together(one from me and one from Julia),ha,ha ,ha ....
    Ayu made ​​me laugh(kiss you),ha,ha,ha yes it´s like Christmas, how nice ...
    Love you Anita and thank you again for this lovely day!

  3. These are all so beautiful! Really, Christmas in September.

  4. So fun how all we soapers get so excited about other soap gifts in the mail. Sometimes my farmer husband gets samples of plastic gloves in the mail for artificail insemination of his cows and he never seems excited. Poor non soaping people. What do they have to live for ?

  5. @ Ayu, oh yes, I definitely will enjoy the beautiful treasures. As you said, it's like CHRISTMAS in September! Yeah~~~~ ;)

    @ Claudia, you are such a kind person. I still couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the parcel and there were 6 BIG bars of breath-taking soaps! All packaged sooo beautifully... Love you, my dear friend, you definitely made my day too. xoxo

    @ Petra, yes, how lucky I am to have two Christmas time this year, oh yeah~~~(still flying)

    @ Donna, ha ha are sooo right! (nodding my head) those non soaping people have no idea what they missed, included my hubby, they just don't get it. That's okay, the most important thing is, WE ARE HAPPY! :D

  6. I think you all should cross review all the soap you swapped! Then I will have lots of blogs to read! How about taking a shower as many times as you eat meals per day? that way, you don't need to chose! LOL

  7. @ Emily, problem is, I eat 3 meals + 2 snacks....that means...wash 3 + 2 times a day?! ha ha ha... ;-P

  8. They all look great. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.


  9. I'm so glad your soap finally got there! It took about as long for you to recieve my soap as it did Donna. Anyway, thanks for showing off my sopies to your readers...hugs from the desert :)

  10. Anita, felicidades, los jabones de Claudia son realmente estupendos.
    Saludos y hasta pronto.