August 22, 2011

Some soaps for my Etsy store

Being kind of busy company is moving to a new location this Friday so we are packing this and my two boys are going back to school soon (thanks God). Gotta prepare their school stuffs. You know, kids at this age start to "have their own tastes". They want to be in charge of their clothes, indoor and outdoor shoes, backpack, lunch box, etc, oh boy....I wish I had 48 hours a day....

Posted some of my soaps that been listed on Etsy.
"Charcoal Face Soap"
for normal-to-oily skin
This soap was reviewed by Cocobong here.

"Cool Mint Shampoo"
 for normal-to-oily hair, in-the-pot swirl.

"Floral Bouquet Shampoo"
for normal hair, original color from oils.

"Ho So Wu Shampoo"
for normal-to-dry hair, sold out before listing on Etsy.

"Roseymary Shampoo Soap"
for normal hair, rosemary essential oil and rosemary powder added.

"Black Ice Soap"
Activated charcoal powder added, scent for man.

"Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap"
French pink clay and cherry blossom frargrance added.

"Lily of the Valley Soap"
Extra alfalfa leaf powder added for a mild exfolication.

"La vie en Rose Soap"
Red clay and rose fragrant oil added.

"Exotic Ylang Ylang Soap"
The golden yellow color comes from annatto seed inflused oil.
This beautiful color makes the annatto seed one of my favorite natural colorants.

Have a good day, everyone. =)


  1. Such beautiful natural colors. So happy I found this blog.Did you have all your stamps special made for you ?

  2. Hi Donna, thanks for your kind comment! The stamps are not made specially for me, they were bought from a Taiwanese soap supplier. =)

  3. Hi Anita =)
    All the new soaps look wonderful!
    I love your soap label/band too. It has simple & natural look. Ylang Ylang essential oil is one of my favorites. It goes with any kind of soaps.
    Happy soaping~!

  4. Loooooooooooooooooove them, all!

  5. Your new soaps are lovely. I especially like the dark ones with charcoal and of course the one with the anatto infused oil. The colour is brilliant.

  6. These are all so pretty... what strikes me is their incredible smoothness and the perfect cuts. Just wonderful!

  7. Hi ladies, THANKS A MILLION for your kind comments! xoxo :D

  8. You makes a lovely soaps.
    Congratulations for your good job.

  9. Hi there, such lovely soaps you make. I'm working on making some myself. I'm wondering how did you get the "Lily of the Valley" soap so green? Is it simply the addition of alfalfa leaf powder at trace? Or did you infuse it? How much did you use in that batch to get such a pretty green color? Thank you!