August 12, 2011

Gentle Chamomile Soap

Oh, haven't updated my blog for a day-time job is killing me recently... gotta speed up my updates. :P

This was another batch of soap with dried flowers on top. I made it right after the "romantic rose soap". As most of you knew it already, this kind of soap look good but not good in use. ha ha ha

So, that's the only two batches of soap I added dried flowers so far. And I guess I will not do it again in the near future...
extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, EO of sweet orange and globulus eucalyptus, comfrey root powder, chamomile flower, goat's milk.


  1. Love the look of this one! Reminds me of an autumn sunrise. Or a sunset? Either way, it's gorgeous:)

  2. As long as I'm not using it to scrub my body I don't mind looking at it! It's eye candy, or we so call soap porn!

  3. Another one?!(laughing)
    Well my dear Anita,I must give you my address,because I like this too...
    Have a lovely week-end,

  4. Anita!
    I was waiting for your new post!

    Gentle Chamomile soap has lots of dried chamomile on top. It looks very pretty!

    When you give or sell it to someone, just tell them to cut the top off before use.

    The problem has been solved =)

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  6. @Patrice, you are right! This pic was taken at sunset! =) You are good!

    @Emily, oh~~~you are so sweet! *kiss*

    @Claudia, yes, another one! I couldn't help to make such floral and romantic soaps back know what I mean, ha ha ha ha..NO PROBLEM! Emil me your address at ;P

    @Ayu, sorry for my belated update. My boss's torturing us these weeks. Thanks God, we finally finished the project! Hooray~ Oh yeah, thanks for your good idea, that's exactly what I am doing now, cut off the top and use the rest of soap. :P

    @Julia.....where is your message?! oh, I'd love to read it~