August 13, 2011

Clay Soaps

Front to back: Red Clay Soap, Olive Green Clay Soap and Rhassoul Clay Soap.

The formula of these 3 batches of clay soaps are the same, which is Olive : Coconut : Palm = 3 : 1 :1 , simple and easy to remember, isn't it? =)

I scented all 3 batches with lemongrass essential oil only. The strength of aroma of lemongrass oil is pretty strong, only 1% of said eo is good enough and its aroma can last for months. These batches were made end of last year, but till now (Aug/2011), I still can smell the aroma of lemongrass! 

Can you tell the what kind of soap mold I used? .........milk carton ;-P

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Red Clay, Olive Green Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Lemongrass essential oil.


  1. Te quedaron preciosos me gustan las propiedades curativas de la arcilla,
    un saludo

  2. Anita, you already know I'm a big fan of your soaps :) The above look totally perfect to me, everything works..the color, the shape, your stamp. Absolute love!

  3. Beautiful puristic soaps. I especially like the one with red clay.

  4. in ihrer Schlichtheit sind sie ganz wundervoll.

    liebe Grüße

  5. The way you doing even you just use milk carton it feels so special!!!

  6. Hi Anita =)
    Red Clay looks very nice!
    I love its rich red color.
    Is it Moroccan Red Clay?

  7. Just so pretty and wonderful!

  8. @Monica, thank you. =) Me too, I like the healing properties of clay. Each clay of the clay family has its own benefits to skin, I just love them!

    @Julia, thanks for your compliments! So happy! (jumping up and down)

    @Petra, thank you. =) Actually, I like the red clay one the most, too.

    @Celine, thanks a lot! :D

    @Dorte, thank you. Your soaps are so beautiful!

    @花樣精, thank you. I like the way how the soap turned out in a milk carton, so handmade feel.

    @Claudia mold, thanks a lot! =)

    @Ayu, thanks! Yes, it's Moroccan Red Clay I used. I like the rich red color too. It's the one I like the most among these three batches.

    @Claudia from AMS, thanks! :D

  9. Anita, just found you after reading Cocobongs review. Your soaps are amazing and today I order my first charcoal. Thanks for the inspiration

  10. Wonderful yours soaps Anita!!!

  11. @Donna, welcome! =) I am happy that you ordered charcoal, it is one of my favorite additives. Enjoy it and happy soaping!

    @Texia, thanks! =) You know what? Not only your soap, but also the lotion and cream you made look divine!!!