July 25, 2011

Romantic Rose Soap

Tried to use In-the-pot swirl but it turned out not abvious. ;P

The rose petals look so romantic on the soap. However, I was going nuts after showering because...I had to clean up all the "romantic petals" on the floor, which was not romantic at all thou. LOL

avocado oil, shea butter, lavender infused olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, hazelnut oil, fragrant oil, rose clay, red clay, red rose petals, goat's milk.


  1. Oh that is pretty and the swirl is nicely subtle. I agree - rose petals look SO pretty but not so pretty in use!

  2. Hallo,
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  3. Oh~ I do feel the romance~ Of course that's because I didn't have to clean up, just looking at pretty photo!

  4. hehe Anita, you are funny!
    I totally understand what you mean.
    My Japanese customers don't like chunky petals or
    herbs. I guess it is their shower drain issues...
    But they are so pretty to "Look at" thou.

    Your soap looks gorgeous and romantic =)

  5. A very romantic looking soap, Anita, how did you scent it? And I agree as well about petals and such in or on soap..I love the way it looks, so close to nature and rustic and all around pretty. In my first soaping year I made a few batches with flowers or what have you not sprinkled on top. They looked nice but they weren't practical in the same way you describe. Handmade soap with stuff ontop are a true customer draw at markets, because they sort of scream "Handmade" and "Nature", but I think the customer usally ends up either giving the bar as a gift or picking off all that nature on top

  6. jepp, nice to look at,nice for people which buy soap just as decoration(;-)
    But I love them as well...for looking(;-)

  7. Hi all my dear friends,

    Thanks a lot for the comments. =) Those rose petals look really romantic, indeed, but as most of you said, not pretty in use. So, I end up gave them to my friends as gift. ;P

    @ Cocobong, I scented it with "Rose Garden" fragrant oil. =)

  8. Hola Anita,
    You can consider me your friend?!because I like this soap, a lot!
    Well, Anita I need your advice about charcoal.
    Tell me please, flowing black colour when you wash it?
    I love it , I want to make a soap with , but I doubt this.
    Thank you so much,

  9. Hola Claudia,

    Hahahaha...:D (sure, send me your address and I will mail you the "romance", LOL)

    Regarding charcoal soap, yes, the bubbles turn a bit grey when I use it. But the charcoal powder doesn't stain your skin, so once you rinse off, it's gone with the water~ =)

    Have fun,

  10. Thank you so much,Anita!
    I will give him a chance(to charcoal,of course),I have no patience.
    You know how is it when in your head is a new recipe...
    Have a wonderful week-end,

  11. Hello~~I come here and say HELLO to you. The blog looks great!!

  12. El jabon es precioso creo que es un jabon para mirar y no para usar...
    un saludo

  13. @Claudia, can't wait to see your beautiful soap with charcoal! :D

    @ Hi Jo, so happy to see you here! ^^

    @Monica, thanks. I love your beautiful soaps too! =)