July 04, 2011

Wrinkled Soap??

(Left: after ; Right: before)

Ho So Wu (a.k.a. Chinese Knotwood), a traditional Chinese herb for treating hair and scalp. It's believed to prevent and to reduce grey hair.

I added said powder to this batch of unscented soap. It turned out a soap with strong Chinese medicine aroma, which I am not sure if I am pleased about it, so I decided to rebatch it.

Love the combination of clary sage, rosemary and patchouli essential oils. The aroma makes me relax.....

However, guess I added too much water, the soap shrank when cured... :P

camellia oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, EO of clary sage, rosemary and patchouli, ho so wu powder.



  1. Both are looking great! The left one a bit more archaic. Like very old Aleppo soap. Well done!

    Regards Petra

  2. Hi Petra,

    Thanks! I never thought of the rebatched soap looks like Aleppo! I like it. =)

    Greetings from Anita, Toronto

  3. LKK SOAP :) I love your Ho So Wu soap!

  4. HI 花樣精,

    LOL "LKK" soap. :P The Ho So Wu soap I sent you is the successful edition. ha ha ha

  5. Hi Anita!

    Wow! They both look earthy and wonderful. I have never seen a wrinkled soap like that. It almost looks like a japanese dried tofu! But I am sure it is a great soap. =)

  6. I love your Soap´s, all of them !
    To me, looks so Natural, fresh, it´s like an invitation to use them!
    And above all I like them, because it is obvious,all ingredients are from Natural sources!
    I have to confess that you are my favorite blog!
    Keep doing this wonderful Anita´s La La Land Soap !
    Love & bless ,

  7. How interesting!
    I sorta like it wrinkled actually...

  8. @Ayu, thanks. I'd never thought a soap would srink like this. But yeah, it looks like a Japanese dried tofu, LOL

    @ Claudia, thanks so much for your comment. You made my day! (today is blue Monday again...)I appreciate it. xoxo

    @Lucy, thanks for stopping by. I love your surprize box! It's like a gift to self every month. How exciting! =)