July 12, 2011

Sunshine Orange Breast Milk Soap

Till now, I still can't believe how much canola oil & sunflower seed oil had I bought when they were on sale....20,000c.c. in total! That's really A LOT for me, who only make small small batch of soap.....

Hm, what was I thinking?! (scratching my head)

In order to use up those oil as soon as possible, I added 65% of them to this batch of breast milk soap.

The beautiful sunshine orange color comes from red palm oil(a.k.a. unrefined palm fruit oil). I love love love this oil! Whenever I want to make "orange soap", it is the first choice of oil pops up in my head.

After this "canola+sunflower" soap cured, I tried it and fell in love with it immediately, because it's so frothy, full of foam. Oh yeah, I love BUBBLES! =)

evoo, canola oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, red palm oil, breast milk, sweet orange essential oil.


  1. Oh Anita, this soap looks soooooo cuuuuuute. *hh* Where did you bought this cute stamp? I wiiiiill have toooo :) The smell and the colour are so beautyfull :)

    Greetings from

  2. So, Canola and Sunflower, eh? Sounds like an budget-friendly formula to me! I'll have to give it a try next time!

  3. Acabo de descubrir tu blog y es precioso este jabon es estupendo.
    un saludo

  4. I love canola! I also have lots of Canola oil at home...most of them are infused with all kind the herbals so by the time I need make soap I have infused oil~

  5. @Kerstin,thank you. =) The soap stamp was a gift from my friend in Taiwan, and...I don't have a clue where she bought it from... >"<

    @Maggie, oh yeah, this is really a budget-friendly formula. However, I found 65% is a bit too high. If you wanna give it a try, please reduce their portion for a harder soap. =)

    @Monika, I am happy you found me, thank you. =) I love your soaps too, they are really beautiful.

    @花樣精, do you think canola soap is very frothy, too? I have couple batch of soaps used canola and they turn out bubbly! (yeah~yeah~)

  6. Hi Anita!
    This round orange soap is Soooo cute!!! =)
    I have never used Canola oil for my soaps.
    Does it make softer soap?

    I really like the cute stamp too!

  7. Hej - what a beautiful sunny soap :-)
    I also use canola and sunflower seed oil for my soaps and I really like both oils.
    You made a very cute soap which I like a lot.

  8. Anita: yes Canola soap do give lots of cremy frothy and over S. California can be a hard soap too, I love it!

  9. @Ayu, thanks! Yes, canola does make softer soap because its INS is just 56, while sunflower oil is 63. I think I added too much of those oils, this soap turn to pretty "soft" after using it. =P

    @Annette, thanks! I totally agree with you that those oils are so lovely. They make soaps really frothy. But...I think I need to adjust their portion since 65% is kind of high thou. =P

    @花樣精, thanks for your confirmation!^^ I love them, too.

  10. Hola Anita, me encantan los jabones que haces, felicidades y saludos desde España.