June 29, 2011

Charcoal Face Soap

The idea of this facial bar comes from Coal Face of Lush.

Before starting to make soap, I used to be a BIG fan of Lush. I contributed lots of my money to their products, shampoos, soaps, fresh masks, bubble bars, bath bombs, etc... until I knew how to make soaps, I woke up.

Charcoal Face was made for my hubby's normal-to-oiy face. I added wheat germ oil, shea butter and evening primrose oil to this soap. My hubby loves it very much! I love it, too.

EVOO, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil, EO of lavender, fragrant oil, activated charcoal, Chinese herbal tea.

Soap made on Oct. 08, 2010


  1. I can see why hubby would love this one. And..good on you for kicking your Lush addiction. Nasty stuff (uh-oh, I didn't say that)

  2. Wow this soap looks great :)
    Greetings from germany
    Soapmum Kerstin

  3. Let me tell you that I'm really happy to have found your blog! Your soaps are really great and I love to read about your soaping :-)
    Greetings from Annette

  4. That is an amazing looking soap!

  5. Wow!

    Please tell me, when did you add the charcoal?Whenever I tried using it my soaps turned out gray instead of black. Is there a secret when to add it?
    I have a soap wit bamboo charcoal in the planning stages and I would love for it to turn out just like yours!


  6. These dark soaps look so mysterious and I'm proud to say I have one at home! Ha!

    By the way, if you're not a big fan of blogger's comment setup, try Disqus (Disqus.com). They allow you to set up a pixnet-like comment format under blogger. That way you can just reply directly under each comment. I love it!

    - Maggie

  7. Came back from a long weekend, saw many messages, happy! Thank you ladies! =)

    @Coco, I know what you mean, LOL. ;P

    @Kerstin, Annette, thanks a lot. I love your soaps, too. Too bad I don't understand German, but don't worry, I know how to use "google translate". hahaha

    @Celine, thanks! How's your sea&sand holidays?

    @Hellcat, actually, there is no secret for adding charcoal. I added it when soap traced. Maybe you can try to add more charcoal in order to make it turn "black" (I added 2tbsp per 1000cc of soap). But I also learnt "bamboo" charcoal makes soap turn dark grey, not black. =)

    @Maggie, thanks for the suggestion of comment setup! I do appreciate it. You know me, a computer idiot. ;P I will try...

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  9. Charcoal as face soap? I think we have to deal more with safe soap and trusted brand.

  10. The baby soap that you use should be hypoallergenic since you do not know what your baby may be allergic to, and they are more susceptible at this very young age. Baby soap also needs be non-toxic since young babies like to put their hands in their mouth, and you want to know that if your baby swallows some of the baby soap, they will be safe.

  11. Your soap really is all natural. Lush....NOT. Good move.