November 26, 2013

My Big Fat Handmade Diary - November 2013

November 26, 2013
Had homemade high tea with girl friends.
Enjoyed it so much, really relaxing and healing..
November 22, 2013
PA Day. Having breakfast at IKEA with kids.
November 17, 2013
Updating to Windows 8.1 ... hopefully this version is more user-friendly.

November 15, 2013

Nov.16 - Nov.19 (EST)
We will have 20% Off storewide specials in celebration of Lustre Modern Jewelry 1st anniversary!
No coupon code needed.

A huge “Thank You” to everyone who’s visited and supported our shop over the past year.

You are THE BEST!!!

Xoxo, Anita

November 14, 2013
After packing a wholesale order, soap racks are nearly empty.
Gotta whisk more. Just like my friend said, I am a happy busy bee! ;)
Big thanks to all of you! <3

November 13, 2013
A couple of big orders. Finished one, working on the other...

A very good condition used book $0.01 (original price $47),
plus shipping $6.49. At $6.50 in total. It's a steal!

November 12, 2013
Love the marble swirl look of this Cool Mint shampoo soap.

Our No.1 Lucky Draw Soap Stick Set is featured on SavvyMom. Thank you! :)

November 9, 2013
Kraft tissue paper + green/oatmeal raffia = new gift wrapping idea.
(Oops! Missing a hand-cut kraft tag, haha)
Adult size sleeper?! LMAO

November 6, 2013
Lining natural handmade-from-scratch soaps on the curing rack.
They are 2.5 weeks old, 1.5 more weeks to go.
Waiting patiently...

November 4, 2013
Finally, my little studio is set up. Took me almost two weeks to rearrange everything. 
I changed my desk to face to window and set wooden shelves that I bought from IKEA for storing my handmade soaps and other bath & body products. Now it's more user friendly. :)


November 3, 2013
I love sweet red bean cake. It's an oriental dessert that usually served with hot tea. The one I bought from a local Korean supermarket tastes not too sweet, yummy!

November 2, 2013
Been thinking about a bigger soap mold for making larger batch of handmade soap.
This weekend, hubby is working on this project and making me TWO wooden soap molds! Yahoo~ Thank you hon!

November 1, 2013
Freshly cut rose and organge soaps.
My little studio now smells soooo nice! Ahh.....

So thrilled that our 138 Gold Puffy Coin Make-A-Wish Necklace was featured on SavvyMom, Canada's top online magazine for moms, practical know-how and savvy stuff! 
Woohoo! Thank you SavvyMom :)

Savvy for Mom curated by SavvyMom on Etsy


  1. Congratulations, Anita! Love all your products!

    1. Thank you Natalia, for the lovely and kind comments. :)