October 04, 2013

New Handmade Soaps to Anita's La La Land

  PRE-ORDER // La Vie En Rose Soap 
We blended rich fragrant rose wax for making it a powerful moisturizing bar to treat dry, damaged and sensitive skin. We love the deep, sweet and truly delightful rose scent.
Just close your eyes and inhale, your nose says...ROSE! 

* This rose soap will ship after Oct/10/2013 *

 Dirty Hippy Shampoo Soap, one of our popular soaps is now available at shop.
This solid shampoo bar contains generous hair loving vegetable oils and essential oils.
It foams like crazy to not only gently clean your hair and scalp, but also leave them soft and without drying out. The beautiful green color is from unrefined hemp seed oil, a very nourishing and healing oil for hair and skin. We also blended essential oils of Litsea Cubeba and Palmarosa for their amazing calming and anti-inflammatory properties, yet hydrating and tonic.
Check out the rave reviews, our customers just love it! :)

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