October 25, 2013

Finally, our organic deodorants available in FULL SIZE!

Finally, our organic herbal deodorants are available in FULL SIZE! :)
Each mini tube is about 11.5cm / 4.5inches tall
holds 75g / 2.5 oz of natural and organic herbal deodorant.
Same as mini deodorant, the full size deodorant comes in below 10 scents.
Woody, Earthy and Masculine scents
Hinoki & Patchouli
Juniper & Cedarwood

Floral, Fruity and Feminne scents
Grapefruit & Lemon
Coconut & Aloe
Ylang Ylang & Aloe
Neroli & Orange

Herbal, Herbaceous and Minty scents
Sage & Lavender
Lavender & Tea Tree
Peppermint & Lime

Fragrance Free

Aromatherapy Herbal Soap & More


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