September 26, 2013

My Big Fat Handmade Diary - September 2013

September 26, 2013

5 Days Left!

Lustre storewide Customer Appreciation 15% off sale.
Sale ends on September 30th.

Thank you for all your great support.
You are awesome!

xoxo Anita :)

September 25, 2013
The temperature is dropping, so easy to get cold.
Please stay warm, my dear blog readers. :)

Today, we have beautiful sunshine here (oh yes!),
so I went to my backyard and harvested carrots and eggplants
before the "first day of frost" comes.
I carefully dug the dirt around the carrots
like an archaeologist doing excavation.
Holy, see what I dug out?.....

An alien carrot!!!

Planted one carrot seed and got five carrots.
Not bad, huh? ;)

September 24, 2013

After weeks of experiment, and countless tests on myself,

my stinky hubby (hahaha!) and a bunch of friends,
the organic natural herbal deodorant are finally set.

At this stage, there is trial size available.
This mini tube is about 2.5 inches tall, holds 1/2 oz (15g) of
organic natural herbal deodorant, very cute and compact!
I am working on the labels now and hopefully
they will be launched to my soap shop soon, please stay tuned. :)

September 22, 2013
Love the 100% cotton and unbleached muslin bag look!
So organic and natural.

September 21, 2013
Designing new gift tag for Anita's La La Land gift sets. :)

September 19, 2013
Grandma's birthday is coming.
She has an antique radio which is not working well recently.
Grandma loves it very much and doesn't want to throw it away. 
Her 9-year-old grandson, Daniel, decided to make her a "brand new radio", by Lego pieces.
This is the radio Daniel spent two nights to make,
and yes, grandma was tears when she saw the gift...

September 17, 2013
Our Organic Face Oils have changed new look!
And they are available now at Anita's La La Land. :)

September 16, 2013
I've managed to add 100% natural fragrance to my handmade soaps and skin care products so no more artificial flavor oils nor frangrant oils that you could find in my products.
When I wanted to make floral scented soaps, I was shocked by the required amount of floral essential oils and absolutes to put in in order to keep the nice aroma longer. In other words, if I did it, those soaps would be extremely expensive because of the sky-high-cost ingredients. (I'd rather to put those precious floral oils and absolutes into our lip butters and organic face oils.)
Luckily, I've found perfect substitution from a local Canadian supplier, floral wax (yippeeeeee!). Here is the rose wax I added to my "LA VIE EN ROSE" soap that I made yesterday. Oh my, I couldn't help and kept leaning forward to sniff the exotic sweet rosy aroma. I am in heaven! ;)

September 12, 2013
Still working on the deodorant experiments.
This time, I used the organic virgin coconut oil from Mountain Rose Herbs.
Oh my, the dense and intoxicating scent of pure coconut pulp
immediately takes me to paradise! LOVE it!

I tried it on myself for couple days and it works really well.
The formula effectively neutralizes underarm odor and absorbs wetness.
The best part is, the sweet coconut aroma lasts for hours! How exotic! :D :D :D

September 10, 2013
My friend forwarded me below picture.
"What will usually happen after making soap?" - sooo ture, lol

September 06, 2013
Me, an urban bumpkin, discovered one thing in my backyard today :
The skin of a cantaloupe was smooth at first.
While the melon growing bigger and bigger, its skin starts seaming with wrinkles. (!!!)

September 05, 2013
My girl friend J said these look like "Lip-Butter Army", with background music "Star Wars imperial march", what do you think? ;)
Those 100% natural herbal lip butters are now available at Anita's La La Land.

September 04, 2013
Took me whole day to make those herbal lip butters. Total 8 natural flavors, free of artificial colorants and fragrant oils. They will be available in the shop within couple days.

Recently, I purchased a bottle of organic coffee essential oil from Brazil. It smells like real thing, freshly brewed coffee, awesome! I am so excited to make new lip butter flavor with this handsome. ;)

Those natural herbal lip butters can be found at Anita's La La Land.

September 02, 2013
My handmade soap shop, Anita's La La Land, is going to reopen on Sep/03 (fire works!). I sincerely appreciate all of your patience and support. Tomorrow, there will be new soaps available in shop. Handmade soap size has changed to chunckier bar. Each bar soap weights between 5.0oz - 5.5 oz (140g - 154g). Well, bigger is better! I hope you will like it. ;)

And, my kiss-friendly lip butters are changing over new packaging. It's waterproof now and more durable. I am trying to finish photos so I can list them out asap, please stay tuned.
xoxo, Anita

Celebrating kids back to school.
(sorry, this sounds mean but I can't help, and can't wait. lol)



  1. Love all the colors.

    Totally agree with the "after you start making soap....." illustration..., especially the "coin" part.

    1. true, isn't it? I had met all of them, lol