May 27, 2013

May gardening

I love May
it's the month I was born, fullfilled blessings, cakes and happiness
it's the month spring comes, bye bye winter, hello sunshine!
and, it's time for gardening! :)
* geranium, new pot of flower at front door this year

* maryiold and morning glory at side yard
* close up beautiful golden marigold
* Mojito Mint! hubby asked to plant this
so he can enjoy his new favorite cocktail (after our Cuba trip) everyday ;-)
* very fragrant jasmine, love it!
* love her creamy white frangrant flowers, ahhh~~ 
* couldn't wait to make a small bottle of jasmine infused oil 
* another favorite frangrant flower, lily of the valley
* made a small bottle of lily-of-the-valley infused oil as well
this is my first time to make herbal infused oil with fresh herbs
hopefully it works, wish me luck! :-)


  1. Hi Anita, what a lovely flowers!!!!
    Good luck with your herbal infused oil with fresh herbs.
    If you allow me a suggestion about it :from my own experience, should left them a very short time in oil (1 week-10 days).
    Fresh flowers breaks down quickly in any form of liquid.
    Please tell us about this experience.
    Much Love,

    1. Oh Claudia, I really appreciate your kind suggestion! I was thinking to infuse those flowers for 3 weeks or so but I found some flowers start turnning brown(?!) and it's just 3 days past! Not sure if this is normal but I will keep an eye on it, and follow your experience, to steep for 1 week and see how's it going.

      Love & Miss you, Anita

  2. Hi Anita! I have been waiting for you to be back to blogging!
    Your garden is so beautiful! I love lily of the valley!
    Good luck with your infused oils! :D

    xo AYU

    1. Hi Ayu!!! How have you been? Still busy at renewing your house? Congratulations!! :)

      Sorry for not blogging for a LONG time as I was busy at my new project, setting a little jewelry shop. But I miss you, my old soapy friend. I visit your blog often but too bad I am unable to leave a message there. Enjoy watching your beautiful soaps and happy life in CA. When will you come back to Etsy? you've been on vocation FOREVER! ;D

      XOXO Anita