November 15, 2011

Can't live without shampoo soaps

Talked to my soapy friends days ago, we all agreed most people got used to “liquid” shampoo. They prefer to use liquid shampoo instead of solid one. Although most people like liquid shampoo, I love solid ones, and I love making solid shampoo soaps.  Below are the shampoo soaps that I whipped up previously. Some for oily, some for dry and the rest are for normal hair types.

with Japanese camellia oil,
handmade cold process soap,
for normal to oily hair, vegan

with Japanese camellia oil and calming comfrey extract,
cold process soap, for normal-to-dry hair, vegan

with pistachio oil, handmade cold process soap,
for normal hair, vegan

with Japanese camellia oil,
cedarwood and rosemary oils,
handmade cold process soap, for normal hair, vegan

Me myself have normal-to-oily hair so I shampoo everyday. I used to shampoo by those commercial liquid shampoos but found the build-ups made my hair greasy and made my scalp itchy because of the surfactants. After using handmade shampoo soaps, my hair and scalp are breathing again! Handmade soaps are surfactant free. That’s why I love love solid shampoo so much that I can’t live without shampoo soaps.

How about you? Liquid or solid? =)


  1. I've converted from handmade shampoo bars to the baking soda hairwash method. It may sound totally weird as it did to me, but I am loving this more than the poo bars even. There's been a huge following of it recently, lots of info on the net

  2. Your shampoo bars look beautiful Anita!!! I love shampoo bars as well. Interesting that Cocobong points out the baking soda hairwash method... I have been reading about it... xo Jen

  3. Remove my baking soda (circa 1981) from the fridge and wash my hair with it ? What are you people talking about ?! Back to Anita, I love how smooth your bars look so very classy while mine have this "other side of the tracks" look. You do inspire me

  4. I love the swirl on the Cool Mint Shampoo Soap. Great soap!
    I cannot wash my hair with soap. I have to use a soap free detergent.

  5. That Cool Mint is so cool. I can't even come up with how you did that. I love the way my scalp feels using bar shampoo, but have been using 365 brand for a while now. That's the only liquid shampoo I'll use.

  6. The Cool Mint is so pretty and I love the swirl. I prefer a liquid shampoo unless I'm camping then a bar is perfect.


  7. Fantastic shampoo collection!!!, I like Cool Mint, it seems perfect for my hayr.

  8. Thanks to everyone for your kind compliments! Happy~ :D

    @Julia of Cocobong, "Baking Soda Hairwash"?! I've tried to use baking soda to wash my blackheads but never thought to wash hair by it too. :)

    @Jennifer, thanks!:) Baking Soda Hairwash sounds interesting. Let me go study it and give it a try.

    @Donna, thanks!:) Seems "baking soda hairwash method" cought everyone's eyes, included me. Give it a try, maybe?

    @Petra, thanks!:) Perhaps the "baking soda hairwash" will work on your hair as well since it's soap free.

    @Briny, thanks!:) The swirl of Cool Mint is similar to "column swirl" but I made several small swirls instead of only one in a pot.

    @Michelle, thanks!:) You are right! "convenience" is another reason why I love solid shampoo bar. You can carry it to everywhere without worrying about if the bottle will leak or not.

    @Julia, thanks!:) You made my day!

  9. Hi Anita. =)
    I love the design of Cool Mint Shampoo!
    All shampoo soaps look beautiful and they sound
    so good for hair & scalp!!

  10. Hi Ayu !!! =) How are you? Thanks for your message, happy~ Yes, I love shampoo soaps, because they work on my hair and scalp, really can’t live without those magic bars. LOL

  11. I love your soap stamps! Where did you get them from?

    1. Thank you Mabel. The soap stamp is a gift from my friend who got it from Taiwan. =)

    2. Lucky you! They are really cute! :)