June 11, 2011

All-in-One Soap

Wanted to make an all-in-one soap that can be used from head to toe!

Soap Recipe
20% Camellia Oil   120g
20% Sweet Almond Oil    120g
15% Palm Oil    90g
15% Coconut Oil   90g
15% Castor Oil   90g
5% Wheatgerm Oil  30g
5% Evening Primrose Oil   30g
5% Rosehip Oil  30g
SF : Jojoba Oil 20g
EO: Rosemary 2gClary Sage 2g
AdditivesMenthol Crystal 2gRosehip Powder  5gLicorice Powder 5g Red Clay 5g
NaOH : 86g
Chinese Herbal Tea: 199g
INS : 121
Made on April 09, 2010

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