June 26, 2011

100% Ylang Ylang Castile Soap

100% olive oil castile soap is one of my favorite soaps. Its extremely mild lather is very good for sensitive skin, children skin and even baby skin. I love using castile soaps in winter because it's not only gently cleansing but also nourishing my skin.

Castile soap doesn't have large bubbles like coconut or castor oil based soaps do. Its lather is pretty creamy, yet more viscous. See how I lathered a castile soap...

100% Castile soap is amazing! =)  

Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yoghurt, Ylang Ylang Fragrant Oil.

Soap made on Sep. 18, 2010


  1. Hi there !
    You make such a lovely soaps!I´m amazed!
    This Castile soap is amazing too!
    I´m glad I found you ,I want to communicate more about soap,if you´d like.
    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Anita!
    wow wow! I love How Castile soap lathers too! It makes unique slimy lather. It looks very nice!!

    PS: I am wondering how do you know about Japanese soaper, Kyoko Maeda, 前田京子. I am happy to know that you know her recipe.
    I have her book. =)

  3. I've tried so hard to like the non-lather of castile soap, but it's challenging. They are wonderful for your skin, but the sliminess is...well..not my cup of tea? Nonetheless, your soap looks beautiful, as does your soap work overall

  4. This looks amazing and what photos - the slimeyness of Castile is something that I still can't decide I like or not but it's so lovely on the skin. Really a very lovely soap indeed.

  5. Wow, thanks a lot for all of your comments. You guys made my day! (you know, today is blue Monday)

    @ Claudia, it's my pleasure. Your soaps are stunning! I love it. =)

    @ Ayu, you won't believe it that Kyoko Maeda(前田京子) is so famous in Taiwan that all of my Taiwanese soapy friends know her! I have her book, too. Two of her soaps that I love the most are Premium Bar and Sunshine Orange.

    @ Coco, I think I am weird coz I love the sliminess so much. Sometimes, I even put the sliminess on my face as a mask, just like how people use "Gamila Secret" soap (www.gamila.com). :P

    @ Celine, I know what you mean. It is really a challenge for most of my friends and family, too. ha~ =)

  6. Hey Anita, Maggie here. ;)

    Glad to see you join the blogger world! There're so many amazing soap artisans out there - and you're the up-and-coming new star among them. Keep blogging!

  7. Please load more newest soap to here....please please...
    The last picture is quite scary... @@
    I love the castile soap especial after you store them 10 month later it gives reach and cremy leather
    I'm very happy you also join to Blogger! Ya!

  8. @Maggie: Yes, you are right! There is a bunch of soap artisans out there and they are AWESOME! Included you! =)

    @花樣精: hahaha...I am trying to keep this blog updated. I know not many people okay with the sliminess of castile soap, but I love it! This one is almost 10-month old. YA!

  9. You actully don't need to "start all over" to post a new post, you just need "copy" and "aste" with writing in English..
    That's how I did from my blogger to my Pixnet...
    It's same you can copy from your Pixnet to your Blogger (don't need to load the pictures to both site)

  10. This Castile soap is amazing :) I found your blog tonight. Your soaps are great. :)
    Greetings from germany

  11. @花樣精: Just "copy and paste"? okay, I will try, thanks!

    @Kerstin: Hi, thanks for your comment. Hey, I found we were about the same date to start blogger. =)

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